One minute pitch

The One Minute Pitch

Your One Minute Pitch needs to tell us why you want be be part of the Academy. It should showcase your creativity, ideas and talents. You can use the questions below to help you, but you don’t have to answer all of them – we want you to tell us in your own words why we should pick you for the project.

  • What area(s) of filmmaking are you most interested in and why?
  • What other passions do you have, apart from film?
  • What blogs, websites and social networks do you contribute to?
  • What kinds of films do you like? Do you have a favourite film? Who is your favourite director?
  • Have you already made any films?
  • Do you have any time commitments (work, education or otherwise)

A quick Google with the following search terms “youtube” “betafilmworks” “one minute pitch” will produce more.

Failing that have a look at a successful pitch.

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How to upload your video

You can record your One Minute Pitch on any device – it does not have to be in HD quality. If you do not have access to a camera you can use a webcam, tablet or smart phone.If you’re new to YouTube check out the Making the most of YouTube guide.

If you’re using a webcam follow the instructions on Using web cam to record video

If you’re using an iOS device you can use YouTube Capture with detailed instructions here

If you’re using an Android device you can simply upload from within the YouTube app.

(NB If you do not already have a YouTube account you will need to create one)

Title your video “[YOUR NAME] – One Minute Pitch” YouTube provide more details in the How to upload videos section of their website.

To ensure that only members of Beta Filmworks can see your video, make sure the privacy setting is set to ‘Unlisted’.

On the upload page you will be given a link to your video – make sure that this is included in your application. Only people with the link will then be able to see the video. Copy the link to the relevant section on the application form and job done!